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best results with novelty yarns
bind-off technique
bind off with
binding off
binding off a scoop
binding off in the round
blocking garments
blending balls
blend the 'odd' lot
blending marled and textured yarns
blocking ponchos
books on tape
buttonband edge
buttonhole opening
buttonhole opening
buy 'jacket' zippers that open at the bottom
buy yarn on speculation
caring for cotton
casting on ribbon
cast on
cast-on methods
Cast on stitches for each sleeve
Cast on with a needle one size larger
chapped hands
chart of size conversions for knitting needles
check for a smooth join
check your gauge
checking for yarn scratchiness
circular kniting projects
clear buttons on the wrong side
Color wins over texture
compare measurements

Knitting tips are listed as they were received or added.

This section of Kathy's Kreations is for knitting tips suggested by our customers and friends (and Kathy).
If you have any tips or ideas, e-mail us today.   Tips and ideas may be any length,
but we may edit them to fit our pages.

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If you would like to contribute your knitting tips or ideas, please send us an email.

a "ruler" along the edge of her take-along directions
acrylic potholders warning
adapting a crewneck sweater for the layered look
aid in row counting
assembling a garment
avoid holes around the thumb area
avoid purl "bloops"
avoiding a gap between
avoiding loose edge sts
avoiding the dreaded "jog"
ball winder
Be consistent in increasing and decreasing
before blocking
begin a new ball
best cast~on
best way to block
best way to change colors

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