July 2011   tips & ideas

two colorwork knitting tips
When knitting a Fair Isle circular sweater yoke neckband from the bottom up, decrease the needle size every few rounds to prevent the neckband from being too wide at the top.  You may need to use a couple of different sizes to complete the band...

     When working slip-stitch patterns, unless otherwise instructed, always slip the stitches as if to purl, and hold the yarn on the wrong side of the work when you slip the stitches.
Avoid weaving in multiple ends by carrying the color not in use up the side of the work, catching it every other row to secure...

August 2011   tips & ideas

lace knitting     From Interweave Knits Fall 2011:  "Lace knitters find it helpful to have a "lifeline", in case they need to rip back or "re-visit" an error.  Try using a small circular needle instead of thread or yarn.  Simply insert it through every stitch of the current row and leave the needles hanging on those stitches.
If you need to rip back, everything below that row will be preserved on the circular needle 'lifeline'...

     Eleanor Swogger shares this information about KRAEMER YARNS Natural Skeins line:  "The
Natural Skeins line is developed to dye before use.  If you want to use them in their natural state, gently wash hanks and allow them to dry.  This will allow the yarn to bloom and give you a more accurate gauge". 

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