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Knitting tips are listed as they were received or added.

This section of Kathy's Kreations is for knitting tips suggested by our customers and friends (and Kathy).
If you have any tips or ideas, e-mail us today.   Tips and ideas may be any length,
but we may edit them to fit our pages.
Helpful hints for knitters

convert measurements of cms to inches - multiply cms by 0.394

convert inches to cms - multiply inches by 2.54

convert grams to ounces - multiply grams by 0.035

From the Internet Knit List comes a warning that
acrylic potholders can be very
dangerous.     They are easily flammable and the melting yarn sticks to the hand, causing severe burns.  Cotton is a better fiber to choose, since it won't "explode" into flames and it won't adhere to you.  Joan Schrouder likes to use wool even better, making the potholder extra large, then felting down to size.  The closed nature of felted stitches may prevent burns even more than cotton.

January 1998 tips and ideas
Kathy's tip - A frequently asked question from many customers who knit mittens is, "How do I
avoid holes around the thumb area?"  This problem generally arises at the point where the stitches of the hand are joined to the stitches of the palm after placing the thumb stitches on hold.  This problem can be
corrected by giving an extra tug when knitting this area.  How to fix it later?  Leave a tail when you attach the yarn for the thumb, which you can use to duplicate stitch the stitches on either side of the gap, pulling snugly to tighten the hole.

February 1998 tips and ideas
Tips found on the internet - when
working a circular knit garment, try casting onto a straight needle first and then transferring the cast-on row to the circular needle.

March 1998 tips and ideas

caring for cotton tip from Kathy***
Cotton is rapidly becoming a fiber for all seasons.  One of the properties is that it will stretch.  If you wears jeans or cotton pants, you will notice that they "grow" as you wear them, but return to there original size when you wash them.  Here are some helpful hints on caring for your cotton hand-knits.
Place you cotton garment (wash colors separately, please) in a lingerie bag or light colored pillow case.  Wash in the automatic washer on gentle cycle, cold water, with a mild SOAP (not detergent).    We recommend COT'N WASH

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