If you aren't sure how much ease you would like, measure a piece of clothing that fits you the way you would like your sweater to fit.  This is also a good way to determine your preferred sleeve and body length. 

December 2010 tips & ideas

      Keep your knits looking like new with these tips from
Self magazine:
---  Sweaters don't require a wash after every wear. (Hooray! Kathy adds, wear a tee or
      long-sleeve T-neck under your sweaters for layering & prolonged wear before
      cleaning) If one is solied, check the tag to see whether it's machine washable or
      hand-wash.  A good gentle cleanser is EUCALAN no-rinse delicate wash, available
      here at Kathy's Kreations.
---  Fold knits a different way after each wear to avoid perma-creasing.
---  A sweater shaver is the best way to remove pills.  We recommend De-Fuzz-It. 
      Practice on a place that doesn't show, like under the arm.  Glide the shaver lightly
      and slowly.
---  Before storing your knits, clean them.  If you've worn them -- even for only a quick
      try-on -- bugs will be attracted to eau de you.

January 2011 tips & ideas

   When someone asks you if making sweaters
saves you money, you can answer "Absolutely!".  Whether you are using our sale-table yarn or handpainted luxury fiber, you enjoy an entertainment bargain in dozens of hours of pleasure and creativity.  Not to mention the stress reduction factor.  Compare the cost of your new sweater project to what you'd spend for as many hours in the gym, yoga classes, or spa treatments.  That sweater looks like a real smart bargain now, doesn't it?

March 2011   tips & ideas

     Kathy recommends
blocking all swatches and knitted pieces before assembly, to set the stitches and improve the hand of the fabric.  Kathy uses blocking wires and "pins out" pieces before misting, laying the piece flat to air dry.
    One of Kathy's Stitches West students, Willa Cather, shared this blocking tip:
When misting with room temperature water, add a tiny drop of Eucalan to the spray bottle before dampening the piece.  This will help to reduce surface tension / water beading and cleans the fabric (Eucalan is non-rinse).  Thanks, Willa!

April 2011   tips & ideas

To end the confusion of how to
slip a stitch, use this rule:
SLIP AS IF TO KNIT -- when you will be doing something with the stitch, such as a
                                  left-slanting ssk decrease (slip, slip, knit)
SLIP AS IF TO PURL -- when you will
not be doing anything with the stitch, such as in slip
                                   stitch patterns

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