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100% Canadian hardwood "Knitting Spool".
These spools, also referred to as "Knitting Nancy's", "Corkers", and "Knitting Knobby's", have been around for generations. However, these handmade knitting spools have come a long way. Handcrafted from Canadian hardwood, the spools are available in a 4 or 6 peg design. They make great gifts for beginning knitters and children. However, they are the perfect tool for the expert knitter that has everything! The spools produce an I-cord that can also be used to create purse straps, garment straps, belts, rugs, hats, toys, trim and embellishments, and even jewelry (yes, just use wire and beads).

Item A61
the 4 peg spool  and the 6 peg spool
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...from Lantern Moon
Sheep Measuring Tape
Pull it's tail for the tape and squeeze it's tummy to make the tape go away.

Item #A62
$9.50 US plus shipping
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