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Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles

  • Sizes 5-15 (U.S.)
    10 pairs circular & straight
    variable lengths
    stitch holders included
    compact 7" x 8.5" case
    airline safe

  • Full specifications below

$49.95 US plus shipping

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v Needle sizes: Ten pairs of 4.5", light gray needle heads in each kit.
o 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10 , 11, 13 and 15 (U.S. sizes)
o When you discover your gauge calls for a needle one size larger or smaller than you planned, with the flexibility of
Denise Interchangeable Needles, you'll always have the right size ready.
Needle lengths/ Circular and Straight: By joining the Interchangeable Needle heads to denim blue flexible cords, each of the ten pairs makes:
o Straight needle lengths:
9", 13", 16", 20", 30", 34"
o Circular needle lengths:
17", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 33", 40", 50", 58"
Denise is ideal for large or small knitting projects.
Condo needles: with any combination of above needle sizes and cord lengths.
Stitch holders: There are six cords in each kit that can become stitch holders.
o One each 5", 9", 12" 14" 16" and 19."
o There's no need to move your knitting to a different stitch holder when you're knitting with
Denise. Leave your knitting in place. Simply detach the Interchangeable Needle head and replace it with one of the four end buttons in each kit. Your knitting is safely held in place.
Comfortable to use: No more tired wrists or knocking needle ends.
* Flexible cords mean you always keep the weight of even the largest projects in your lap, not bunched up heavily on your needle.
* Flexible cords also mean you can knit comfortably in seats with arms, or in tight quarters such as on an airplane.
Neat and orderly: It's all there when you need it.
* The navy blue, compact, sturdy case (7" by 8 ") holds all the needles, cords, extenders and buttons securely in place.
* Needles and parts always have a place to neatly return to, so no more tangle of needles or searching for stitch holders.
Innovative connection, flexible and durable:
Denise Interchangeable Needles and parts easily and securely "lock" into place by twisting turn.
* Other companies' connections screw together, and since a screw works by turning, the natural turning of knitting can unscrew the connection.
Denise knitters commonly report using kits that are 15-20 years old and still going strong!
* All parts are made in the U.S.A.

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$48.95 US plus shipping
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