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Circular Solution
Finally! No more struggling with twisted, kinked circulars again, nor need to use the hot water! This handy storage solution stores your circulars flat in easy-to-use slots numbered in both U.S. and metric sizes. Hangs anywhere--all you need is a hanger. Made in U.S.A. of sturdy cotton duck material. 8 x 25". Needles not included.

Item A31
$19.95 US plus shipping
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This beautifully crafted miniature project bag has three exterior pockets for supplies & a pattern, & a larger main pocket for the project. The elasticised strap slips easily over your hand to hang on your arm or wrist.

Port-a-Pocket is made of 100% cotton duck with large, screen printed labels. The case is in a natural colour with purple trim & printing.

Item A32
$14.95 US plus shipping
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Organize your double-pointed needles in this sturdy, cotton- duck case that has three pockets each for needle sizes #0 through #15-one for short, one for medium and one for long- to hold a total of 45 sets. 28" x 11 1/2" open, 9" x 11 1/2" folded and tied.

Item A33
$26.95 US plus shipping
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