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common types of  knitting needles

Use this conversion chart to go from US to Metric sizes
US                 METRIC
15                 10
13                 9
11                 8
10.75            7
10.5              6.5
10                 6
9                   5.5
8                   5
7                   4.5
6                   4
5                   3.75
4                   3.5
3                   3.25
2                   2.75
1                   2.25
0                   2
00                 1.75
000               1.5
0000             1.25
00000           1

The needle shown left is a Circular needle.  It is normally available in sizes US '0' up to '17' and in lengths of 12" to 40". 
Other sizes are available
e~mail for more information.

The needle kit shown left is actually a pair of half-circular knitting needles.
They come in 20", from US size 3 to 15   We have these available only in bamboo.  Please
e~mail for more information.

The needles shown left are double point needles.  They are usually available in sizes US '00' up to '15' , in lengths from 4" to 8".  Other sizes are available.  E~mail for further details.

Regular straight knitting needles are normally available in sizes US '0' to '50', in lengths from 9" to 14".  Other sizes are available.
Please send us an
e~mail for more information. 

Knitting needles come in a variety of materials, including plastic, aluminum, steel, bamboo, rosewood and ebony.  We offer a large selection of brands, including Skacel, Clover, Suan Bates, Plymouth, Crystal Palace, Brittany, Swallow, Boye, Pony Pearl and Bryspun

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