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Whisper of Hope Scarf    Interrupted Rib Pink Scarf    Julia's Scarf    Stella's Scarf    Hope's Scarf
Michelle's Hat     Pretty In Pink scarf      Coffee-Table lace scarf   Blue Frost--Mary's scarf
Rose's Trellis scarrf      Vanda's Linn Run Scarrf     Tracy's cozy shoulder hugger   Butterfly Garden
Madge's scarf     Bessie's Blue Belle Scarf      Leaves in lace   Lacey scarf    Sara's tulip rows
Clusters in stripes scarf    Sailor's rib      Persian lace                                       

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This pattern is intended for charity knitting or personal use.  Please do not use any portion of this pattern for commercial purposes or sell scarves made from this pattern without permission of the designer.   
Susan Zylka © 2006  All Rights Reserved